Banning ‘conversion therapy’ services

Most popular platforms, Instagram and Facebook are going to block the promotion of conversion therapy while a person’s sexuality or gender identity will be tried to change.

This year, up to 200,000 people signed up themselves to an online petition where the major NHS and UK therapy professionals oppose it. Also, Campaigners are urging the government so that the two-year-old promise can be made in the act for practice illegal.

There are few who want to hide their identities who are transgender or gay. In the year 2018, “gay conversion therapies” were banned which was officially announced by the government whereas the government was planning to enhance the lives of gay and transgender people. Further Govt. said all options for ending the practice will be that considered.

Dr. Adrian James, Royal College of Psychiatrists’ new president said that Any intervention purporting to ‘treat’ that is actually not a disorder should be banned because that is completely unethical.  

The EMEA public policy director, Tara Hopkins from Instagram said that the company is going to be changing its way to handle the handles conversion therapy content. She said that Instagram doesn’t allow attacks against people according to their gender identity or sexual orientation, hence they will update the policies so that conversion therapy services promotion can be banned.

Earlier this year, the notification from Facebook and Instagram has come where they banned the promotion of conversion therapy in ads. According to this, people couldn’t choose what they see. Now, the complete action is taking and the content linked to it has banned. Even though, the company stresses it because it can take time for policy updates and reflecting blanket ban whereas users’ flag may not remove some content quickly that must change over time.

The government also sent a letter where celebrities and charities signed to make ban conversion therapy illegal finally. The new organization that is started by Matthew Hyndman and Harry Hitchens has been backed by Stonewall which is Europe’s largest LGBT charity. On social media, they have already attracted thousands of views.

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