Android’s AirDrop equivalent is getting better

Google began rolling out Nearby Share to Android phones midway through 2020, and it’s the answer to Apple’s AirDrop from the tech giant. Now, other details have surfaced about the next wireless file sharing feature. Presently, with the possibility of using this feature at a time with one person, they should have to contact all Read more about Android’s AirDrop equivalent is getting better[…]

Google’s holographic-glasses and smart tattoos experiments

Search giant trying different things with holographic glasses and smart tattoos. A pair of sunglasses for holographic icons projection, A smartwatch with a digital screen but analog hands, A temporary tattoo that transforms your body into a living touchpad while applied to your skin, a virtual reality controller to lets you take objects in digital Read more about Google’s holographic-glasses and smart tattoos experiments[…]

Twitter’s tools aim to fuel research

Twitter’s new application programming interface could fight hate speech and fuel research. Thursday, Twitter said that new tools will be released for developers. These tools could help in creating a variety of apps and features to combat hate speech and businesses would understand customers better, as well as users will be able to get the Read more about Twitter’s tools aim to fuel research[…]

Rare Super-Mario: Highest-selling video game

The classic 1985 Super Mario’s rare version has sold for $114,000 (£90,000), which has become the highest-selling video game. Super Mario Bros is a popular video game since 1985, where Mario is a fictional character who plays multiple tasks. At the auction, this classic 1985 Super Mario Bros has become the most ever paid for Read more about Rare Super-Mario: Highest-selling video game[…]

Banning ‘conversion therapy’ services

Most popular platforms, Instagram and Facebook are going to block the promotion of conversion therapy while a person’s sexuality or gender identity will be tried to change. This year, up to 200,000 people signed up themselves to an online petition where the major NHS and UK therapy professionals oppose it. Also, Campaigners are urging the Read more about Banning ‘conversion therapy’ services[…]

Huawei 5G ban imposed by 2023

The UK – If Huawei 5G ban imposed by 2023, then the UK could face mobile blackouts. According to BT and Vodafone reports, if UK customers will give three or less to strip Huawei’s equipment out then they would encounter issues of mobile phone signal blackouts with the 5G network. The network provider executives told MPs Read more about Huawei 5G ban imposed by 2023[…]

Canon’s four new RF lenses

Canon is launching its four new RF lenses. You can take a look at our early hand-on thoughts. It was a huge Canon event where the Canon EOS R5  and Canon EOS R6 launching details has explained. Well, what else we get to know here was that the upcoming new RF lenses will be launched which is pretty exciting for Read more about Canon’s four new RF lenses[…]