Twitter’s tools aim to fuel research

Twitter’s new application programming interface could fight hate speech and fuel research.

Thursday, Twitter said that new tools will be released for developers. These tools could help in creating a variety of apps and features to combat hate speech and businesses would understand customers better, as well as users will be able to get the information faster.

 Next week, the company expects to release an application programming interface’s new version. Actually, the original scheduled of new API was on Thursday, due to hackers attack high-profile users accounts, Twitter delayed the lunch where the former President Barack Obama and Microsoft founder Bill Gates ‘s and more accounts were hacked out to bitcoin scam. On Wednesday, the spokeswoman of Twitter said that the found any proof that the occurrence included the API of the company however Twitter is organizing the wellbeing and security of the users regards to the new tools released.

To understand what users are stating about the coronavirus, Academic researchers used the data of social networks so that they analyze topics such as climate change and learn more about hate speech. Developers created an app to tackle Twitter’s harassment problem where this app can filter out users that are bound to send you undesirable tweets. Some social media management bots and tools will share combine emojis and drawings on the site.

Outside designers have taken part in a portion of Twitter’s early features, creating a mobile app and developing a hand in some of Twitter’s early features, building the mobile app, and a search engine. To construct new tools, more than 10 million developers have used Twitter’s API.

A year ago, Twitter began the feature to hide user’s replies to their tweets, which could help them in cutting down on spam or hateful comments. Hiding answers, however, can be a repetitive procedure. Some new features will be included in revamped API such as poll results, conversation threading, spam filtering, and pinned Tweets on profiles. Twitter also stated that it creates a new foundation since 2012 for the first time API.

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